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Contact: Jessie Lv

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Address: Shiheng Road,Xiasha Village,
Shipai Town,Dongguan City,
Guangdong Province,523350,China.



"Professional services" :

 (1) late from our design, processing, door-to-door delivery services.The decrease of the intermediate links, reduce the cost of time and economic costs, can effectively control the time and ensure the quality. [2] we from chat tools, telephone contact, negotiate face to face to the submitted samples, materials, technology consultation, sign the bill orders all-round services, and consulting services at any time to provide you with products, put forward a more reasonable for you to make plan to save costs, save time, energy is saved save worry truly let customers.

【 packing idea 】 : Design is not necessarily the most avant-garde, but must be the best of your product;Materials used are not necessarily the best, but it must be the most appropriate;Is not necessarily the most complex structure, but it must be the most reasonable. [price] : Economical price, picture prices are for reference only, because of the material, size, quantity, process and so on, the price also depends on the specific commodity.

【 customized process 】 : 1. The customer intention: please use the prosperous (QQ), mobile phone, telephone and other way with your company, the customer first, service first. 2. Inquiry: please quote the number of size, material, process and product, we quote accurate price according to your requirement. Taken the product packing: using standard corrugated carton packaging. Taken the lead time: on time delivery, will not delay the agreed delivery date.

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