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Some knowledge of the design of the watch box
Author:admin Date:2016/7/5 15:18:55 Reading times:743

Watch packaging box design in various regions or countries have different traditional culture, which has a close relationship with the geographical, climate, human and other factors. Traditional culture of coastal areas and inland areas of traditional culture can not be exactly the same, and even there will be a greater difference. And the eastern and western, the South and the north of the traditional culture will have a greater difference.
We are in today's era, has entered the highly developed science and technology of microelectronics, large capacity of the information age. Many previously thought impossible things, in modern has become a reality, especially since the implementation of the policy of reform and opening to the outside world in our country, in the world many advanced culture and technology continue to spread in our country, and it gradually, and the Chinese nation's outstanding traditional culture blend together, and gradually formed a cultural conditions at present in our country the new period, it is a historical necessity. The United States for innovation consciousness is shared by mankind, which can promote social progress. Only in line with the pulse and rhythm of the times, innovation, the traditional style of the packaging box design will have infinite vitality and new artistic conception, in order to be accepted by the contemporary people.
To the traditional style of the watch box packaging and decorating design, how to reflect the current sense of the times, the packaging box design can generally be considered from the following aspects:
1 from the design of composition and graphics to consider.
Using different to traditional forms of composition, such as aside angle centralized, split type, density contrast strongly with space of inspiration and artistic conception of balanced, scattered reference point in type with modern style in the form of composition, can be more clear to convey to consumers in today's era sense.
2 from the design of the layout of the hospital to consider.
The more modern text format, such as Bian Qi, Qi axis type, inclined platoon type, grass type, grass and multi row type, like form, the Senate in, ladder, gradual, cross facial type arrangement, can reflect the sense of modern times.
3 from the design of the font to consider
Watch packaging box text can be used with modern fonts, such as Arial, bold, Comprehensive world body, amber, new Wei and self-designed various variants, calligraphy, can also use a variety of fonts foreign or Chinese pinyin to reflect the modern sense.
4 from the structure and shape of the watch box.
Packing box structure can be using such as portable, sisters, display type, combination type, rotary type, easy to open, analog, special type, focus POP advertising type structure to reflect today's modern sense.
5 watch box packaging design from the use of performance techniques to consider.
Such as the use of a variety of performance techniques of color or black and white photography, high-tech computer production, imitation of natural forms and other techniques are also very easy to reflect the modern sense of the.


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